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We are the world market leader in Seiatsu molding equipment and automatic casting machines.

Heinrich Wagner Sinto Maschinenfabrik GmbH, a company of the internationally active Japanese Sintokogio Group since 1983, is a leading global manufacturer of innovative molding and casting technologies. The design and manufacture of box-bound and boxless molding machines with a wide variety of designs for use in foundries is one of the company’s main focuses. The further development and manufacture of semi-automatic and fully automatic casting machines is a consistent addition to the company’s extensive product range. Casting products produced by means of these HWS technologies can now be found as components or complete parts in almost all sectors of industry and consumer goods. Here are a few examples: Engine blocks, brake discs, electric motor housings,valve blocks, brake calipers, gas fittings, boiler links, axle housings, pump housings, compressor housings, etc.. Further fields of activity are the conversion and extension of existing HWS molding plants as well as plants of other makes. With the development, manufacture and commissioning of more than 600 molding plants, as well as more than 90 fully automatic casting machines, worldwide, the company has extensive know-how which, in addition to groundbreaking plant technology and effective worldwide customer service, guarantees the recognition and satisfaction of its clientele. A disproportionate vertical range of manufacture, including in-house metal construction, mechanical processing, control cabinet construction and individual software development, guarantees consistently high quality and a high degree of flexibility. The current HWS product range includes in keywords: SEIATSU-/ACE molding machines and plants, flaskless molding machines and plants, vacuum molding machines and plants, semi and fully automatic casting machines, low pressure casting machines, tilt casting machines, sand reclamation and software for foundries. All work steps, from design and manufacturing to programming of the specific plant controls developed by HWS, are carried out at two locations in Bad Laasphe in southern Westphalia with currently approx. 310 employees.


Seiatsu molding plants and automatic casting machines


Bad Laasphe


World wide: 310

Germany: 310

South Westphalia: 310

Sales Volume

2023: 50,7 Mio. €



Founded by Heinrich Wagner and Georg Müller


Majority takeover by Sintokogio,Ltd with headquarters in Nagoya, Japan


Introduction of Seiatsu molding technology and the vacuum forming process


First fully automatic casting machine for liquid metal


Introduction Aeration molding technology


Introduction of special low pressure casting cells


Sand regeneration USR


Introduction of special tilt casting machines


Heinrich Wagner Sinto, Maschinenfabrik GmbH
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