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We are the global market leader in the field of active voltage stabilization and harmonic filters in industrial production processes.

Condensator Dominit GmbH is a medium-sized, internationally active company in the field of electrical power supply quality (technical jargon: power quality). The Brilon-based company offers a holistically structured portfolio of solutions and products to ensure a stable and high-quality voltage in industrial production processes or to enable a standard-compliant feed-in of a renewable wind, solar or hydrogen electrolysis park at the grid connection point at all times. Its global customer base includes industries such as the automotive, food, semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries and project planners/operators of renewable energy parks.

The main focus of the team around Managing Director Dr. Dresel is on typical power quality phenomena such as unplanned voltage dips. These are the main cause of costly production downtimes in the electrical energy supply sector.

Grid voltage dips are caused, for example, by lightning strikes or in weaker, unstable power supply grids – especially outside of core Europe. With the active grid voltage regulator OSKAR® (online voltage correction with adaptive control) developed in Brilon-Wald in the Sauerland region, Condensator Dominit is a technological leader on the global market. With OSKAR®, the mains voltage is continuously and highly dynamically maintained at the target value and typical voltage dips are mastered with ease. The product not only safeguards the voltage level, but also reduces the inherent losses that occur to one sixth compared to conventional technologies available on the market. Furthermore, by using OSKAR®, Dominit engineers have succeeded in demonstrably reducing the total annual energy consumption in the grids of their industrial customers by 2%.

Harmonic voltage distortions are another phenomenon of power quality, as the increasing use of regulated consumers is increasing the number of loads that cause harmonic currents and distort the grid voltage. These harmonic currents place an additional load on the equipment, reduce its service life and often lead to unplanned malfunctions or failures of production facilities and life-saving safety equipment. For this reason, the interference levels in the network must not exceed the specified compatibility levels of the power quality standard DIN EN 61000-2-4. Based on this problem, Condensator Dominit developed the SOFIA® harmonic filter, which became the global market leader in industrial grids shortly after its launch. The filter, which was patented in 2016, uses artificial intelligence to constantly adapt to the current grid conditions and filters them efficiently and sustainably in accordance with standards.


Active voltage stabilization with OSKAR® and SOFIA®




World wide: 80

Sales Volume

2023: 20 Mio. €



Foundation of Dominitwerke in Bremecketal, production / market launch of the first power and electrolytic capacitors and reactive current compensation system


Takeover and change of name to ABB Kondensatoren GmbH


Takeover by Dr. Christian Dresel and change of name to Condensator Dominit GmbH


Market launch of the OSKAR® voltage stabilizer


Market launch of the SOFIA® voltage-controlled harmonic filter


First concrete station filter circuit system for wind farm


New building and relocation to the new production site in Brilon-Wald


Global market launch of the SIMΩN® broadband filter – simulation of ohmic networks – broadband filtering, highly dynamic reactive power compensation, local energy recycling


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