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We are the world leader in electrical resistors (for indoor air conditioning, radio interference suppression, etc.).

The strength of the KRAH group of companies is the development and production of customer-specific power resistors. Resistors from KRAH are not only standard in the automotive industry, they enable the safe operation of electric vehicles, wind turbines, elevators and are used in numerous other applications.
At KRAH, the joy of resistance goes far beyond electrical engineering: we rely on open discussions and the free exchange of opinions within the company. In this way, we have been pioneering the technologies of the future since 1970. What started out as 20 employees has now grown into more than 2000 at 16 locations worldwide.

In this development, wirewound and cemented HVAC resistors have played a significant role for KRAH. Today, they are the worldwide standard solution for speed control of fan motors for interior air conditioning in vehicles. We are also the world market leader in this area, as well as in the manufacture of radio interference suppression resistors for suppressing interference signals within electronic automotive ignition systems.
The success of both products has contributed to the achievement and maintenance of the technology leadership and world market leading position of the KRAH group of companies in the automotive industry. Customers in other industries such as power engineering, automation technology or mechanical and plant engineering also benefit from our know-how, our worldwide production sites and our high quality standards.


Electrical resistors




World wide: 2000

Germany: 370

South Westphalia: 180

Sales Volume

2022: 226 Mio. €



Foundation of M. KRAH Elektrotechnische Fabrik GmbH & Co.KG as a „Management Buy-Out“ by Mr. Theodor Hermann and Mr. Rainer Fiala.


Development project with Volkswagen for the Golf A1. With the development of this new market segment, a rapid growth in sales began for the KRAH group of companies.


First expansion in Germany and Switzerland.


Start of the automation process in production at the main location in Drolshagen.


First expansion outside Europe: Timbo, Brazil.


For the first time, the KRAH group of companies has more than 1500 employees worldwide.


Foundation of HKR Automotive GmbH through the takeover of HKR Seuffer Automotive GmbH & Co KG together with the South Korean partner HyoSeong. HKR Automotive develops and produces complex controllers for air conditioning in vehicles.


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