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We are the global market leader for small technical molded rubber parts in large series.

Lübke & Vogt GmbH & Co. KG is a leader in the production of small technical rubber molded parts in large series for all industrial applications.

The know-how includes the development and production of rubber compounds, the design of molded rubber parts and molds and their manufacture through to all stages of production. This means that all core competencies are firmly anchored within the company.

Lübke & Vogt manufactures the products as small and very small parts in high precision and large series for all conceivable areas of application, such as special seals, dampers or membranes for the electrical, fittings, household appliance and automotive industries, as well as for many other sectors.

The range of part sizes is comparable from the size of a match head to the maximum size of a matchbox.

The molded rubber parts are used, for example, in the electrical sector as a protective cap in a microswitch, in the fittings sector as a control seal in a heating valve, in the household appliances sector as a bearing seal in a food processor, in the automotive sector as a seal and damping in a fuel pump.

Around 1.6 billion parts leave the factory every year, which are shipped to more than 50 countries. Due to the large vertical range of manufacture, Lübke & Vogt is able to carry out all steps in the manufacture of the products with the greatest flexibility.

As a successful family business, Lübke & Vogt offers varied tasks in all areas of the company in an exciting and dynamic working environment and a solid corporate culture. In addition, for many years young people have been given practical training in commercial and technical professions with the aim of retaining them for the long term.


Molded rubber parts




World wide: 400

Sales Volume

2022: 50 Mio. €



Founded by Albert Vogt as a sole proprietorship


Merger of Albert Vogt’s rubber factory and Josef Lübke’s mold making business to form today’s Lübke & Vogt GmbH & Co. KG


Construction of the new administration and production buildings with continuous expansion


Foundation of a holding company


Foundation of L&V Corp. USA


Sales office in France


New shipping building


Expansion and additional transport links Company premises


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