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World market leader in one-piece rupture disks for explosion pressure relief

IEP Technologies GmbH, which has been developing Brilex as a product brand for passive explosion protection components such as rupture discs since 2017, is a leader in one-piece rupture discs for explosion pressure relief. This results from the unique, patented rupture disk with 100% relief capability.

Martin Bunse developed the patented technology in 1993 and, together with his wife Susanne Bunse, founded a company in Brilon to manufacture rupture disks. In 1996, the first company-owned building was erected and production was significantly expanded. Today, around 5000 m² of state-of-the-art building infrastructure is available for production, storage and administration.

Shortly after the company was founded, international contacts were used to establish distributors outside Germany. Since then, the constantly growing network has required constant adaptations to new markets, which are implemented quickly and efficiently through development and production.

In 2016, Brilex was integrated into the HOERBIGER Safety Solutions division and now operates under the name IEP Technologies GmbH. The merger of these companies makes it possible to offer customized complete solutions with active and passive components for explosion protection for various applications.

The products are protection systems that protect production processes worldwide from the destructive effects of dust and gas explosions. The manufacture of such sensitive systems requires production in accordance with international standards and guidelines as well as compliance with specified QA systems.

We see ourselves as a partner to our customers, whose satisfaction we guarantee with advice, quality and delivery reliability.


Solutions for explosion pressure relief




World wide: 350

Germany: 90

South Westphalia: 25

Sales Volume

2022: 130 Mio. €





Construction of the first office and production building and establishment of foreign sales agencies


Invention Patenting of a low-mass rupture disk for explosion pressure relief


Invention and patenting of a reusable device for flameless explosion pressure relief


Integration into the HOERBIGER Safety Solutions division. IEP Technologies GmbH continues to operate Brilex as a product brand for rupture disks


Acquisition of Atexon Oy, a specialist for spark detection in industrial explosion protection


Relocation from Ratingen to Brilon and expansion to become the sole production site in Germany


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