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We are the world market leader in the development of wireless and battery-free bed escape solutions – especially for bed sensors.

Fall prevention in old age – without maintenance, without cables

IQfy GmbH is a leading company in the field of cable- and battery-free assistance systems and the global market leader for cable-free bed escape solutions. With a strong presence in the industry, IQfy has established itself as an innovator and reliable partner.

The relevance of cordless and battery-free care assistance systems is IQfy’s focus. The company recognizes the importance of this technology for the professional sector, as well as for home and private use. IQfy offers a comprehensive range of solutions that can be used in both care facilities and private homes.

As a world leader in the development of wireless and battery-free bed escape solutions, IQfy has used its expertise and experience to develop innovative products. These solutions provide a reliable alarm in the event of an emergency and ensure the safety of residents requiring care in nursing homes or relatives in home care.

An outstanding feature of the IQfy system is the connection guarantee to any professional call system on the market. This enables seamless integration of the IQfy system into existing facilities and ensures efficient alerting in emergencies.

In the domestic and private sector, IQfy offers direct alerting to the personal smartphone. This feature allows users to respond to emergencies anywhere, anytime. Direct alerting to the smartphone ensures rapid notification so that appropriate action can be taken to ensure the safety of the loved ones being cared for.

IQfy prides itself on improving the lives of their customers and their residents or loved ones through innovative and reliable solutions, while ensuring the highest level of safety. With its focus on wireless and battery-free assistance systems, as well as its position as a global leader in wireless bed escape solutions, IQfy has established itself as a trusted partner for customers worldwide.


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Only manufacturer of wireless and battery-free bed escape sensors


Guaranteed connection to any call system available on the market


Positioning documentation for patients in need of care and at risk of pressure sores


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