MK Metallfolien GmbH

We are the world market leader for metallic foils for exhaust gas aftertreatment.

MK Metallfolien GmbH specializes in the production of particularly thin metallic foils – up to a thickness of 0.015 mm – made of stainless steel and special materials (e.g. nickel, titanium). The company generates around two-thirds of its sales with catalyst foils. MK Metallfolien is the world market leader in this segment. The company also manufactures products for the power generation, chemical, electrical, aerospace and medical technology industries. Examples of products are foils for fuel cells or carrier foils for solar cells.

Among the main customers are manufacturers of catalytic converters. The ultra-thin superfoils from Hagen enable catalytic converters to be highly effective. The products are mainly used in cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, as well as in stationary equipment. Market development is driven by increasingly stringent environmental legislation. On the one hand, the films help to significantly reduce exhaust gas pollution as a carrier material in catalytic converters in biogas plants, for example, or to generate climate-neutral energy in solar and fuel cell technology.

MK Metallfolien generated sales of around 50 million euros in 2022 with approximately 100 employees. The export share is about 50 percent. The global market share in the market for catalytic converter foils is more than 40 percent. Production takes place at the Hagen-Vorhalle and Schwerte sites and, since 2008, in the USA. Since 2011, the company has operated a service center in China. In addition, sales partners in Japan, Taiwan and Eastern Europe secure important sales markets.

MK Metallfolien was founded in 1999 by Gerd Cloppenburg. The company is now completely family-owned again and is managed by Stina Vormann as managing partner.


Metallic foils




World wide: 100

Germany: 100

South Westphalia: 100

Sales Volume

2022: 50 Mio. €



Foundation by Gerd Cloppenburg


Development of a patent material


Construction of a fully integrated cold rolling mill in the USA


Service center in Wujiang, China


Patent granted for coated films


MK Metallfolien GmbH
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