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We are the global market leader in articulated telescopic wheel loaders.

Schäffer Maschinenfabrik from Erwitte is a leading manufacturer of compact yard, wheel and telescopic wheel loaders for agriculture, gardening and landscaping, industry, construction and municipal services. With 475 employees, Schäffer is known as an innovative, flexible and internationally active family business with a high-quality product range.

Schäffer has established itself as the world market leader in the field of articulated telescopic wheel loaders. The product segment comprises a total of 12 machines with an operating weight of 2.7 t to 12 t. The 9660 T-2, the largest telescopic wheel loader in the world, is particularly outstanding. It impresses with top values in terms of operating weight, engine power, lifting height, lifting capacity and hydraulic delivery rate. These advantages guarantee highly efficient material handling. In 2022, Schäffer also presented the 23e T, the world’s first all-electric telescopic wheel loader, underlining its market leadership.

Another important area of application for Schäffer wheel loaders is in gardening and landscaping. Light and maneuverable machines that can move heavy loads despite their compact size are required there. This enables mechanisation even in places that are difficult to access.

Each Schäffer loader is individually manufactured in Erwitte and tailored to the customer’s specific requirements. As a result, the machines are unique and are characterised by extremely efficient use. They set standards in terms of reliability and durability. A diverse range of attachments also enables maximum flexibility.

The company was founded in 1956 by Heinrich Schäffer. His son Siegfried Schäffer and his brother-in-law Jürgen Jachalke have been managing the company since 1981. In 2013, Rüdiger Schäffer, Siegfried Schäffer’s son-in-law, was also appointed to the management board. The family holds 100% of the shares.


Articulated telescopic wheel loaders




World wide: 475

Germany: 475

South Westphalia: 475

Sales Volume

2023: 160 Mio. €



Founded by Heinrich Schäffer


Production of the first front loader for agricultural tractors


The first yard loader leaves the factory


Development of the first wheel loader for the construction industry


Development of the first telescopic wheel loader


Further development of a product series for the construction industry


Presentation of the first purely electrically powered yard loader


Presentation of the world’s first electric telescopic wheel loader


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