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We are the world leader in DC switches and nostalgic installation material.

When Hermann Heinrich Winkhaus laid the foundation stone of today’s CAW company in 1783, electrification for everyone was still more than 1OO years in the future. But already in 1911 – only a few years after Edison’s incandescent lamp became marketable in Germany – CAW started the production of switches, sockets and other electrical articles.

CAW’s know-how in the development and manufacture of switches in the then „future-oriented“ electrical engineering sector grew steadily and finally led to the company’s focus on package switches in 1943. Today, CAW is still one of the few specialized manufacturers of these extremely robust and versatile switching devices in the world. Cam switches, rotary switches and electrotechnical installation material complete the manufacturing program. Our own thermoset and thermoplastic production ensures that not only the switches fit the individual application, but also the housings and operating elements.


DC switch and nostalgic installation material




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2022: 2,5 Mio. €



the CAW company launched a patent for rotary switches in the installation field, which are still used today for nostalgic and industrial applications.

Since 1943

we have been manufacturing DC switches (so-called package switches), which are used wherever DC current has to be switched, such as in solar plants, shipping, railroads, etc.


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