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We are the global market leader in the development and supply of flexible metal hoses and gas-tight decoupling elements for the commercial vehicle industry and selected industrial sectors.

As a traditional company with over 115 years of history, the Westfalia Metal Hose Group, headquartered in Hilchenbach, has developed into an internationally renowned group of companies with additional locations in the Czech Republic, the USA and China.

While market competitors manufacture their decoupling elements as bellows using the hydroforming process, Westfalia Metal Hose Group relies on a unique technological approach. The result is the gas-tight hose ‚GTH‘, which not only meets current but also future, stricter emission requirements due to its special properties.

The GTH gas-tight hose forms the basis for individual assemblies. Curved pipes, thermal insulation and appropriate connection techniques complete the highly complex exhaust pipes, which are created in close cooperation with designers from almost all international commercial vehicle manufacturers. Over the years, this has resulted in successful and long-term partnerships.

The group of companies actively accompanies and supports the dynamic changes in the automotive industry, including the ongoing development of alternative drive systems and mobility concepts. The innovative team is breaking new ground and is actively involved in the development of pioneering solutions, for example in the area of vehicles with fuel cell drives.

In order to strengthen its position in existing markets and at the same time successfully advance into new business areas, the Group is pursuing further strategic approaches. One concrete example of this is high-quality flexible pressure hoses, which are specially designed for industrial applications. The products are not only characterized by first-class performance, but also guarantee maximum reliability and durability.

Consistently breaking new ground – now and in the future.


Flexible metal hoses and gas-tight decoupling elements




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2022: 79,1 Mio. €



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