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We are the world market leader in the optimization of large-scale water cycles in thermal power plants and seawater desalination plants.

For 70 years TAPROGGE has been a leading global specialist in CleanTech. By optimizing thermally controlled water cycles in the energy industry, seawater desalination as well as in industrial applications, TAPROGGE’s innovative technologies make a valuable contribution to increasing energy efficiency with the aim of saving primary energy and reducing climate-damaging emissions worldwide.

Within this special field, the company has taken a leading international position due to its highly developed plants and processes for filtration and cooling tube cleaning. Special emphasis is placed on the company’s extensive know-how in the holistic solution of „micro- and macrofouling“ problems.

With technological innovations, TAPROGGE has been setting new standards for more than 70 years and remains true to its commitment to technological excellence and sustainability: under the brands TAPROGGE, TERRAWATER Technology and KLAREN Technology, an extended competence framework was created at the beginning of 2023, the components of which complement each other and strengthen the pioneering role in the field of „Efficiency in Energy & Water“ also in the future. This strategic integration opens up the possibility for the company to expand its existing know-how with additional technologies, such as large-scale evaporation plants and solutions for the concentration of liquids, seawater desalination using waste heat or solar thermal. The focus is on meeting the increasing demand for efficient water cycle solutions in various industries.

With about 350 employees worldwide, the majority working at the headquarters in Wetter an der Ruhr, TAPROGGE achieved a consolidated annual total output of about 55 million Euros.

TAPROGGE is a medium-sized family-owned company and is managed in the second generation by Detlef Taprogge. He is accompanied in the management by his co-managing director Dr. Oliver Fröhling. Since 2021, the management is also supported by Moritz Taprogge, who represents the third generation in the house of TAPROGGE and thus stands for the continuity of TAPROGGE as a family business.


Clean Tech




World wide: 350

Sales Volume

2022: 55 Mio. €



Company foundation & market launch of the first „TAPROGGE Plants“ (plants for cooling tube cleaning of heat exchangers and condensers)


First generation of cooling water filters: filters based on turbulence technology


Second Generation Cooling Water Filters: Filters based on pressure-relieved backwash technology


Third generation cooling water filter: High-performance filter based on further development of pressure-relieved backflushing technology


First „submerged“ cooling water extraction system TAPIS (TAPROGGE Air Powered lntake System)


World’s first realization of a plant for the utilization of waste water from cooling tower operation as boiler feed water (Cooling Water Reuse Plant) in a large power plant in Thailand


Market launch of self-cleaning heat exchangers (KLAREN Technology)


Technology testing of seawater desalination by waste heat utilization for off-grid desalination and for the production of „green hydrogen“ (TERRAWATER Technology)


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