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We are the global market leader in the field of emergency management for lithium energy storage systems.

Paul Müller as an innovative market leader with average management solutionsAverage containers from Paul Müller offer space for reactive and damaged lithium batteries. The history of the development of the first special packaging at Paul Müller begins with the construction of hazardous goods containers for the transport of airbags, belt tensioners and actuators from OEM suppliers to the production plants of automobile manufacturers. The first battery transport containers were manufactured in response to direct demand specifically for lithium batteries from the automotive industry. The mobility revolution led to a need for special containers for recovering damaged energy storage systems. Within a very short time, a complete range of products for technical recovery, quarantine storage and firefighting of reactive energy storage systems was created. These are now in use in industry, shipbuilding, logistics centers, warehouses, freight terminals and workshops for buses and commercial vehicles. While rollable containers with the dimensions of a Euro pallet are dimensioned for the recovery of energy storage units from portable devices such as e-scooters, special roll-off containers and multifunctional trailers are available for vehicles up to the size of a delivery van. Customers include industry, rescue services, municipal fire departments and plant fire departments. In addition to the product range, practical seminars on the subject of „Operations with energy storage systems“ are held by the Müller training team throughout Germany. Paul Müller products from the emergency management division are in use worldwide and are constantly being developed further. The development team recently launched a smart monitoring system for early fire detection. In this way, the Sauerland-based company remains on course to steadily expand its market leadership in emergency management with energy storage systems and to continuously incorporate new ideas from industry and emergency services into product development.


Accident management for lithium energy storage systems




Germany: 291

South Westphalia: 140

Sales Volume

59,63 Mio. €



Brothers Anton and Paul Müller, aged 26 and 24, lay the foundation stone for today’s company in Balve-Langenholthausen


Move to the current location in Balve-Garbeck


Foundation of the Nordhausen site


Expansion of the group of companies in Poland, India and the USA


Construction of the first emergency containers for lithium energy storage systems


Creation of the „Müller Safety“ product area


Expansion of the product range for lithium energy storage systems


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