We are the European market leader for steel wire shot for shot peening.

The shot peening process – i.e. shot peening with steel wire shot – is essential for all safety-relevant steel components, such as springs, gearboxes, chassis components, engines, etc.. It is a process for improving the fatigue behavior of dynamically stressed components.

FROHN GmbH has been a manufacturer of steel wire shot for more than 50 years, supplying the aerospace, automotive and construction machinery industries and their suppliers worldwide. Over the years, our product portfolio has grown to include our own blasting abrasives made of aluminum, zinc and stainless steel, which are used by foundries and forges for cleaning blasting, deburring and surface finishing. In addition, FROHN offers not only the blasting abrasive itself, but also all the tools required to control the blasting process.

To support our customers in the use of our products and the adjustment of their blasting systems on site, we have a Europe-wide field sales force of engineers. For special requirements, the team can carry out blasting tests on the customer’s original parts in our in-house test blasting facilities, to which the customer is personally invited.

Due to a high level of environmental awareness, FROHN cooperates with a recycling company that recycles the blasting abrasives after use for the customer.

At the company headquarters in Altena, the German cradle of wire production, we have one of Europe’s largest production facilities for wire grit with only around 30 employees, where we can ship up to 600 tons of blasting abrasives produced in-house per month. This is made possible by a high degree of automation, digitalization and, most recently, the integration of artificial intelligence into the production and quality processes, which are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. This has made FROHN the European market leader in wire grain for decades and a renowned name worldwide.

FROHN was particularly strengthened by its integration into the SINTO Group, a Japanese foundry and shot blasting machine manufacturer. This integration opened up further future-oriented markets and synergy effects, particularly in the field of blasting technology.

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Steel wire shot for shot peening




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