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We are the global market leader in the field of angle valves and water management systems.

SCHELL is a global manufacturer of fittings for building installations and, in addition to angle valves and appliance connection fittings, is a system provider offering all fittings for washbasins, kitchens, showers, toilets and urinals as well as intelligent water management solutions. The manufacturer is represented in over 50 countries. Now in its 3rd generation, the family-owned company with its production site in Olpe meets the international demand for fittings and innovative solutions.

SCHELL grew up with the development and production of angle valves. Today, over 200 product variants are in demand worldwide. By 2023, over 750,000,000 units had been installed.

For decades, HVAC professionals and consumers have relied on proven SCHELL quality when choosing angle valves. Two SCHELL angle valves are installed every second in the world, over 750 million times to date. With a well-adjusted angle valve, you can save up to 40% water and energy in no time at all. In addition to this advantage, SCHELL angle valves offer numerous other benefits: Durable, high quality and made from materials suitable for drinking water, the „Made in Germany“ angle valves are the secret heroes under the washbasin. They also score points with noise class 1, simple installation and years of smooth running.

In times of increasing complexity, the requirements for the proper operation of a drinking water installation are also increasing. With the SCHELL SWS water management system, it is easy to ensure that drinking water installations are always in perfect hygienic condition.

Easy to install – easy to operate: The SCHELL SWS water management system supports the maintenance of drinking water quality thanks to qualified water changes through automated stagnation flushing. Analysis, complete documentation and reporting provide security. In addition, the creation of room plans, group formation and wireless and/or cable networking allow for greater planning flexibility in new builds and renovations. It is also compatible with any building management system. Flexible networking wireless and/or via cable makes it ideal for new buildings and existing properties.

The selection of components is uncomplicated. Installation and operation are intuitive and the system offers maximum flexibility. SCHELL also provides support with advice, training and a comprehensive service.

The SCHELL SWS water management system supports property operators and owners in their legal obligations and also offers concrete economic benefits throughout the entire life cycle of the building. With the SMART.SWS online service, users can keep an eye on their SWS-managed systems across buildings via remote access from anywhere in the world.


Angle valves and water management systems




World wide: 427

Germany: 357

South Westphalia: 330

Sales Volume

2022: 137 Mio. €





Development and production of angle valves


Development and production of electronically controlled valves for public, semi-public and commercial sanitary facilities


Foundation of subsidiaries in Poland, India, Belgium, Hungary, Singapore, Austria and Netherlands


Development of SCHELL Single Control SSC Bluetooth® module for parameterization of electronic fittings


Development of SCHELL Water Management System SWS for the control and monitoring of drinking water installations to support the maintenance of drinking water quality


First-time award as world market leader from South Westphalia in the field of angle valves


Development of SMART.SWS – online service for location-independent remote access to SWS systems (for the control and monitoring of drinking water installations as a support in maintaining drinking water quality)


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