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We are the world market leader in the field of compressed laminated wood as thermal insulation for liquefied gas tank supports and as electrical insulation for large transformers.

Deutsche Holzveredelung Schmeing GmbH & Co. KG is the world’s leading manufacturer of compressed laminated wood, which is mainly used as thermal insulation for liquefied gas tank supports (e.g. for the transport of LNG or for LNG as fuel) and as electrical insulation for large transformers.

Today, Deutsche Holzveredelung produces a total of around 7,500t of compressed laminated wood at its two sites in Würdinghausen and Sokolov in the Czech Republic – with a strong upward trend. Compressed laminated is produced from beech veneers and resin in special pressing processes and is characterized by its homogeneity and its excellent electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.

For these reasons in particular, the material marketed under the brand name dehonit® has for many decades been the first choice for the electrical insulation of large transformers and the manufacture of thermally insulating tank bearings for
liquid gas tanks. However, due to its homogeneity, mechanical properties and special structure, dehonit® is also used in other special applications such as the manufacture of special doors, gymnastics equipment, parts for racing cars, musical instruments and aircraft propellers, as well as nuclear shielding.

Deutsche Holzveredelung’s products are sold through a total of three branches and numerous sales partners around the world. In Würdinghausen, the material is pressed, cut to size, sanded and all further processing steps such as surface treatment, drilling, CNC milling, the production of finished parts and, in the case of material for the electrical sector, testing for metal inclusions take place. In Sokolov in the Czech Republic, the raw material is prepared for the pressing process and in some cases already pressed.


Synthetic resin pressed wood




World wide: 130

Germany: 65

South Westphalia: 65

Sales Volume

2022: 27 Mio. €



Foundation by Alfons and Ewald Schmeing


Start of production for the transformer industry


Foundation of dehonit-Falke s.r.o. in the Czech Republic


First major order for the cryogenic market


Strong expansion of production and CNC machining capacity


Doubling of CNC machining capacity compared to 2010


Purchase of another 6,000t press to increase capacity by at least 20%.


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