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We are the European leader in water aeration/oxygenation of fish farms.

LINN Gerätebau has been involved in equipping fish farms all over the world for 50 years. The company, founded by Josef and Norbert Linn, celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2023.

Based on the experience of their own trout farm, which has been operated by the Linn family since 1929, equipment for the daily practice in fish farming has been developed again and again, which became established on the market and then became part of the necessary technical standard in fish farms.

LINN Gerätebau GmbH is a leader in the field of water aeration and oxygenation of fish farms and aquaculture operations. The focus here is on floating water aerators, which bring the oxygen that is vital for the fish into the water. More than 10 different types of devices with different ejection patterns and motor power are available. This makes it possible to choose the optimal device for every water surface!

But also for monitoring, control and supervision of complex fish farms LINN Gerätebau has been a recognized partner for many years. More than 250 well-known fish farmers control and monitor their complete farm with the software „Aqua-Control“ with its own app – developed by LINN technicians.

LINN equipment is now operating in more than 75 countries around the world. Every year new countries are added. The export share is 65%. In 20 countries, the company has permanent sales partners who exclusively handle sales in your country.

LINN Gerätebau currently employs 15 people. The modern production facility was built in 2013 in the industrial park Sauerlandkaserne in Lennestadt-Oedingen only. The machinery has been constantly expanded and allows fast and flexible implementation of individual customer requirements.

European market leader products

Water aeration/oxygenation of fish farms.




World wide: 15

Germany: 15

South Westphalia: 15

Sales Volume

2023: 5,1 Mio. €



Founded by Josef and Norbert Linn – production of first feeders


First serial production of water aerator „Aqua-Pilz


Development of one of the first European paddle wheel aerators („Aqua-Wheel“)


Development of oxygen input system „Oxyplus“® as well as development of a PLC control and monitoring system „Aqua-Control“ with own software and visualization


complete new building of the company


50th company anniversary


LINN Gerätebau GmbH
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