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We are the world market leader in automated scraper technology for conveyor belts.

Schulte Strathaus GmbH & Co. KG specializes in automated conveyor technology for bulk materials. The company develops, produces and assembles customized conveyor technology systems and equips them with belt conveyors, guide roller systems, chute seals, impact bars and conveyor belt scrapers, depending on requirements. The Werl-based company has achieved a leading position in the global market with its conveyor belt scrapers. Schulte Strathaus relies on a modular system that allows customers an optimal cleaning of conveyor belts and a flexible handling of different characteristics of conveyed products. These can be very hot, sticky, abrasive or chemically aggressive. Foodstuffs, on the other hand, have special hygiene requirements.

Residue-free and gentle separation for both product and conveyor belt requires a particularly wear-resistant scraper, which is made of the highest quality materials such as high-performance polyurethane and/or special tungsten carbide blades. This increases the service life of the conveyor belt. Maintenance and replacement of the scraper segments can be carried out without tools. When the system is closed, an inspection door facilitates access.

Using sensors, proprietary software and a digital link via the company’s own cloud, the use of the scrapers can be adapted and the technical condition of the conveyor belt is continuously checked. This enables customers to automatically adjust the scraper tension and schedule belt cleaning based on time intervals or load. In addition, maintenance and repair intervals can be carried out individually, enabling an early response to the wear condition of the conveyor system (predictive maintenance).

As a second mainstay, Schulte Strathaus GmbH & Co. KG delivers heavy-duty moulded parts for fire protection in gas- and watertight pipe penetrations, which are used in shipbuilding, and offshore industry. Today’s company has its origins in 1952 and was initially founded by Franz E. Schulte Strathaus as a specialized mining supplier in Unna. When the company was handed over to his son Dr. Michael Schulte Strathaus, the company moved to its current location in Werl. He continuously started to diversify the product strategy and further to develop conveying solutions for applications in the world wide bulk materials handling industry (Mining and Minerals, pit and quarry industry, harbour reloading points, potash industry etc.). With Ann-Kathrin and Christopher Schulte Strathaus, the third generation has now joined the family business.


STARCLEAN® Scraper and STARCLEAN® Smart Scraper




World wide: 60

Germany: 60

Sales Volume

2023: 14,8 Mio. €



Introduction of single-ply woven conveyor belts in underground coal mining


Development of the fingersplice splice for single-ply conveyor belts


High-tech vulcanisation system for even pressure distribution and minimal temperature differences


Development of the first conveyor belt-friendly scrapers


Diversification from the mining business with new business areas


Development of the comprehensive modular system for scrapers


Development of the spillage control system for chutes


Digital scraper with its own cloud system


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