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We are the global market leader in the design of bathroom and kitchen taps. Our classic Tara, for example, with its characteristic cross handles and semi-circular spout, is more modern than ever, even 30 years after its introduction.

Dornbracht, headquartered in Iserlohn, Germany, is the leading supplier of high-quality designer fittings and accessories for the bathroom, spa and kitchen. The company was founded in 1950 and is internationally active with its product portfolio in more than 125 markets. With clearly defined design principles for durable product design and a consistent focus on user needs, Dornbracht has developed bathrooms and kitchens into living spaces – and in doing so has always set new standards. The premium manufacturer stands worldwide for design and architectural competence with manufacturing quality at the highest level and underlines this claim to leadership with the brand claim „Leading Designs for Architecture“.

Dornbracht’s Tara has been impressing architects for 30 years and is constantly reinventing itself.

With Tara, Dornbracht and Sieger Design laid the foundation for a completely new bathroom culture: the minimalist, elegant design language of the fitting has since unfolded its effect in a wide variety of contexts, making a significant contribution to turning the bathroom into an aesthetic living space. The ability to regularly reinvent itself will continue to ensure that the design classic provides new impetus for visionary bathroom concepts in the future.

One reason for Tara’s enduring modernity lies in the many design options that Dornbracht offers: Over three decades, the original design has evolved into a broad family of fittings, including free-standing fittings for washbasins and bathtubs, shower solutions, and kitchen fittings. The respective Tara variants can be fitted with different handles and are available in numerous finishes.

Thus, even beyond its 30th year, Dornbracht’s most popular series of fittings remains a timeless design icon that will enrich first-class bathroom concepts in terms of design.


Faucet series Tara




World wide: 804

Germany: 603

South Westphalia: 570

Sales Volume

2022: 164 Mio. €



Development of the extendable outlet / user needs in focus


Series 2000 as the first luxury faucet with a progressive design language


Domani: The first faucet as a consciously designed object. Design becomes a quality feature of the brand


Tara: A new era of product design with a consistently purist design language


„Culture in the bathroom“: Dornbracht is the first company to establish the bathroom as a living space, as an emotional retreat for people


MEM: Dornbracht takes up the idea of the ritual bathroom with the fittings series


Leading Designs for Architecture: The CYO design combines the cultural and design heritage of the Dornbracht brand with the new brand promise.


Dornbracht ReCrafted: The timeless design of the fittings allows them to be remanufactured by hand – a best case in terms of sustainability


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