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We are the world market leader in the field of sanding equipment for rail vehicles.

Sanding plants from KLEIN – know-how made in Freudenberg, South Westphalia, Germany

Rail vehicles need sand for starting and braking. But how does the sand get into the train? KLEIN sanding plants have been designed, built and supplied since the 1970s. The advantages are obvious: KLEIN has decades of experience in the field of pneumatic conveying technology. The sanding systems are designed to fill the sand boxes of railcars, locomotives and streetcar cars with sand without creating dust. The plants are characterized by automated operation, minimal maintenance and ergonomic handling.

The first systems were delivered in Germany. Deliveries to other European countries, North America, Africa, Asia and Australia soon followed. Today, rail vehicles all over the world are sanded with KLEIN sanding technology. The first stationary systems were soon followed by mobile solutions for filling trains away from maintenance yards. While the first mobile units did not yet have their own compressed air generation, the melon-yellow painted models of the Sandfloh fleet, which have been further developed to this day, followed from 2001 onwards with their own compressed air supply and various equipment features. The protected brand name has quickly become synonymous with mobile sanding equipment. For cramped conditions in depots, the sanding stations of the first generation were extended by the slim version type Sandmax from 2003 on. Adapted to the different conditions in the depot or on the outside track, sanding stations are available in standing or suspended versions, equipped with one or more filling hoses.

KLEIN supplies turnkey plants and supports the customer already in the planning phase. From development in our own R&D department to planning, production, assembly and commissioning, right through to after-sales service – everything from one competent source. Further development in the field of automation, digital data acquisition, flow rate measurement, wear optimization and handling is continuously being worked on. KLEIN has a certified quality, environmental and occupational safety management system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001.


Sanding equipment for rail vehicles




World wide: 69

Germany: 69

South Westphalia: 69

Sales Volume

2022: 12,82 Mio. €



Spin-off from the bankrupt Alb. Klein GmbH & Co KG Product portfolio: Pneumatic conveying technology, foundry equipment and sanding technology.


Foundation of KLEIN Anlagenbau AG as „Mitarbeiter-AG“ in Niederfischbach (24 employees)


Delivery of the 500th sanding station to KVB Cologne, Merheim depot


Development and distribution of the new mobile sanding systems type SANDfloh


Development and distribution of the new slim sanding station type kleinSAND.max


Purchase of a commercial property in the industrial park Freudenberg-Büschergrund, construction, relocation


Takeover of KLEIN Stoßwellentechnik GmbH as a 100% subsidiary.


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