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We are the global market leader in machines and systems for cutting, processing and transporting PU foams and similar materials.

BÄUMER – Foam cutting machines from Freudenberg go all over the world

For more than 75 years, Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG has been the leading manufacturer of systems and machines for cutting, processing and transporting foam materials. As a medium-sized company, Bäumer has developed from a pioneer to a global market leader in this field. As early as 1954, the first foam cutting machine was shipped overseas, and today the export business dominates with 85%. Through customized engineering and intelligent services, Bäumer secures the future of its customers in the foam industry. Because as the market leader, the company not only offers a comprehensive range of foam cutting machines and transport systems, but also customized, comprehensive and intelligent concepts for your production. Bäumer offers turnkey plants, control systems for complex process sequences and optimization in production – over 75 years of experience, highly qualified engineers and technicians, permanent further development and innovations and close partnerships with customers are cultivated.

Bäumer drives the development on the polyurethane market with its innovations in machines and plants. In particular, the mattress, furniture, automotive and packaging industries appreciate Bäumer’s machines due to their technological leadership, quality, reliability and enormous flexibility.

Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG produces the machines and systems exclusively in Germany. Cutting tools are additionally manufactured in the USA. The company has its own sales and service subsidiaries in the USA, Japan, China and Poland. Sales are supported by external partners in 75 countries.

Christoph Hauck manages the family business as external managing director.

The company was founded in 1946 by Albrecht Bäumer Sr. in his hometown of Freudenberg.


Machines and equipment for further processing of foams




World wide: 400

Germany: 343

South Westphalia: 343

Sales Volume

2022: 77 Mio. €



Foundation by Albrecht Baumer sen.


Delivery of the first foam cutting machine


Foundation of Baumer of America Inc.


Foundation Baumer of Japan Inc., Japan


Opening of plant 2 in Freudenberg with cutting tool production


Foundation of Bäumer of Shanghai Machine Trading Co., Ltd. China


Certification as a family-friendly company


SOPHIE, the first MES for the foam industry was introduced Opening of Plant 3 in Freudenberg


Launch of the Contour V-blade contour cutting machine


Foundation of Baumer of Poland, Poland ; Seal of quality for training


Honoured with the German Design Award 2024


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