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We are the world market leader in aluminum fine strip and foil rolling mills.

With the power of a locomotive and the precision of a clockwork, foil rolling mills from Achenbach Buschhütten produce the thinnest aluminum foil at speeds of more than 2,000m/min (approx. 130 km/h). The aluminum foil is rolled down to a minimum thickness of 4.5 µm (0.0045 mm), which corresponds to the thickness of one third of a human hair. Aluminum foil is used, for example, in packaging solutions for food or pharmaceutical products, as capacitor foil or household foil. Lithium-ion batteries for electric cars also require the thinnest cathode foil, which is produced on Achenbach rolling mills.

With a market share of around 75%, Achenbach is the world market leader for aluminum strip and foil rolling mills. The company also enjoys world renown with superior rolling mill automation, rolling oil filtration and exhaust air purification systems. With the expansion of its portfolio to include productive slitting machines for aluminum foil and the most demanding composite materials, Achenbach is writing another success story. Technical progress always consists of the combination of customized precision machine building and state-of-the-art automation technology.

Achenbach meets the challenges of the future primarily with innovative technologies and digital plant networking to optimize production processes and improve the energy and resource efficiency of production. Artificial intelligence and IoT technology are not the least of these technologies. With the Campus Buschhütten, Achenbach has created a place for digital transformation in an old factory building on the company premises in cooperation with universities and regional partners, where modern production technologies of tomorrow are researched and tested.

Behind everything is a company history of over 570 years of a family business in the classic sense: 100% independent, owner-managed and rooted in the Siegerland region with a great deal of regional commitment.


Aluminum fine strip and foil rolling mills




World wide: 500

Germany: 480

South Westphalia: 465

Sales Volume

2022: 115 Mio. €



Iron foundry by the three Achenbach brothers


Establishment of rolling mill construction by Dr.-Ing. Ernst Barten


Specialization in non-ferrous metal rolling mills, export activities by Dr.-Ing. Ernst-Heinrich Barten


Internationalization, automation and process engineering by Dipl.-Ing. ETH Axel E. Barten


Expansion of the product range to include film cutting machines


Plant networking in the production process by Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. André E. Barten


Green.Lean.Digital: focus on sustainable technologies and production processes; founding of Campus Buschhütten as a place for digital transformation


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