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We are the world market leader for captive screws and self-adhesive washers

Rudolf Rafflenbeul GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist for tension discs, washers and dowel pins. However, the product range also includes a variety of individual stamped and formed parts that ensure that components are permanently fastened or kept at a distance.

Rudolf Rafflenbeul supplies major automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, companies in mechanical and plant engineering, and the metal and electrical industries. Customers include Siemens, Deutsche Bahn, Gardena, thyssenkrupp, Miele as well as Audi, BMW, Toyota and Porsche. More than 500 companies in 33 countries rely on product solutions from Rudolf Rafflenbeul.

With a patented in-house development, the captive screw SAVETIX®, Rudolf Rafflenbeul was able to achieve a unique position on the market for fasteners in mechanical engineering. The product meets the requirements of the EU Machinery Directive (MRL 2006/42/EC) in a special way.

Another in-house development, the MONTIX® self-adhesive washer, simplifies the assembly of screws in hard-to-reach places and has found many applications in a short time. MONTIX® opened doors at important customers such as BMW.

The Rudolf Rafflenbeul company achieved sales of €30 million in 2022 with 130 employees. Production takes place exclusively at the Hagen site. The family business, which was founded in 1902, is now managed in the fourth generation by the partners Martin Rafflenbeul and Christoph Rafflenbeul-Dormeyer.


Screws and self-adhesive washers




South Westphalia: 130

Sales Volume

2022: 30 Mio. €



Founded by Rudolf and Minna Rafflenbeul.


Continuous development of the production program, from a simple spring washer to a high-strength thrust washer in the automotive industry. Introduction of a ground precision spacer washer. Development of the captive screw – SAVETIX® . Development of the self-adhesive washer – MONTIX®. State-of-the-art screw retention through the screw lock – LOCKTIX®.


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