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We are the world market leader in thermostatic control.

IMI Heimeier is one of Germany’s leading brands for thermostatic control from IMI Hydronic Engineering (formerly TA Heimeier), the leading global supplier and specialist in hydronic distribution systems and room temperature control with many years of experience. The company understands the various aspects of hydronic distribution and is a competent partner for optimizing and increasing the efficiency of HVAC systems.

The merger of the IMI Pneumatex, IMI TA and IMI Heimeier brands brings together expertise in the areas of pressure maintenance and water quality, balancing and control as well as thermostatic control. Partners from trade, commerce and planning will thus receive system solutions from a single source.

IMI Hydronic Engineering stands for durable, high-quality products and innovative system solutions for the HVAC sector. The extensive product range offers solutions for almost all heating and cooling systems. The company focuses on the contribution of HVAC systems to climate protection. Not only the flagship of the IMI Heimeier brand, the K thermostatic head for radiators, but also the latest world firsts such as AFC technology (automatic flow control for heating systems) help users to save energy and thus conserve resources.

This philosophy is reflected in the selection of raw materials, the resource-saving production processes and not least in the technology of the products. The production site for the IMI Heimeier brand in Erwitte is therefore certified in accordance with the latest quality, environmental and energy standards (DIN EN ISO 9001:2008/ DIN EN ISO 14001:2004/ISO 50001:2011) and also places particular emphasis on occupational safety and health management at all sites.


Thermostatic control




Germany: 400



Company founded by Theodor Heimeier


Start of production of heating valves


Development of the world’s first thermostatic valve with a liquid-filled sensor


Commissioning of the first fully automatic foundry plant for 50,000 valves/day

Since 1995

Part of the British IMI Group


The first thermostatic valve with automatic hydronic balancing A-exact


Stronger connection to the parent company IMI plc. and change of name to IMI Hydronic Engineering Deutschland GmbH with the strong brands IMI Heimeier, IMI Pneumatex, IMI TA


IMI Heimeier celebrates its 90th anniversary


IMI Hydronic Engineering Deutschland GmbH
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