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We are the world market leader for automatic asparagus sorting machines.

Neubauer Automation oHG has been developing and manufacturing intelligent, computer-aided special machines for agriculture, the automotive industry and mechanical engineering for 35 years. The company, which is based in Welver (Soest district) in South Westphalia, has achieved a world market-leading position with the development of automatic asparagus sorting machines.

Under the product name ESPASO, Neubauer sells its sorting machines, which are often individually tailored to specific customer requirements, to the main asparagus-producing countries in Western and Southern Europe as well as to Peru, Chile, Canada, Australia, North America and New Zealand. Next to China, Peru is the world’s largest asparagus producer and therefore a highly interesting market.

Asparagus sorting machines provide growers with a leap in productivity. On the one hand, this results from significantly lower personnel costs for activities that are already unpleasant, and on the other hand from the reduction in cutting and sorting losses as well as quality optimization compared to manual sorting. The company received the 2012 Innovation Award at the ExpoSE trade fair (European Asparagus and Strawberry Exchange) in Karlsruhe for a water jet cutting technology developed by Neubauer for this purpose.

In 1987, Hermann Neubauer started his own business in Welver-Scheidingen with a special machine construction company specializing in measurement technology. The staff shortage in the asparagus harvest at the end of the 1980s, which resulted from the legal restriction of seasonal foreign workers, gave him the idea of automating the sorting process just a few years later. In addition to the development and production of sorting machines, Neubauer Automation offers a full service package that includes prompt repairs and the supply of original spare parts. The company benefits from its high in-house production density of around 90%.


Asparagus sorting machines




World wide: 30



Founded as a special machine construction company for measurement technology in Scheidingen (Welver) by Hermann Neubauer


Development of the first prototype of an asparagus sorting machine


Development of the ESPASO asparagus sorting machine


Development of waterjet cutting technology


Neubauer receives the Innovation Award of ExpoSE Karlsruhe


New development of a faster and more precise weighing system for white and green asparagus


Change to sustainable manufacturing through renewable energy


Development of the asparagus removal robot ASPASTORE


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