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We are a global market leader in hollow, cold forged parts in the application areas of battery systems / vehicle bodywork / automotive vibration damping.

The Arnsberg company A. + E. Keller was founded in 1919 and employs approximately 220 employees. The company’s products are used in a wide variety of applications in vehicle bodywork and vibration damping. The core process is cold forging, which is considered the most economical and a very sustainable method for mass production of metal parts. Fully automatic multi-stage presses with up to 550 tons of pressing force are used to produce products from steel, aluminum, and copper. The 5 and 6-stage cold forging machines work from wire and with slugs. Extensive further processing options are a unique feature of the company. The pressed blanks are further processed into sophisticated end products through downstream manufacturing steps such as embossing, stamping, turning, milling, grinding, profiling, bending, welding, and the assembly of components.

The products manufactured according to customer requirements are installed in almost every type of motor vehicle worldwide. In the development of individual solutions in cold forging, the company holds a leading position within the international automotive industry. To ensure worldwide customer supply, in addition to the main plant in Arnsberg, there are two joint venture operations in Beijing (China) and Tianjin (China) and another location in Charlotte (USA).

As the entire automotive industry, A. + E. Keller is also transitioning to e-mobility. Outstanding new projects with various leading OEMs in the field of battery systems have currently been realized. This required expanding the production area in Arnsberg to a second plant as well as investments in fully automatic, advanced processing. As a result, A. + E. Keller has successfully transferred its world-leading position in cold forging with subsequent processing to e-mobility.


Cold forged parts




World wide: 450

Germany: 220

South Westphalia: 220

Sales Volume

2022: 50 Mio. €



Founded as a company by Anton and Ernst Keller in Arnsberg; manufacture of barrel turned parts for the domestic lighting industry


Start of cold forging production in conjunction with machining for the automotive industry


Additional production of assembly modules and internationalization


Foundation of the US location Keller CFT


Foundation of the Singu-Keller joint venture in Beijing


Foundation of the second chinese joint venture in Tianjin


Expansion of the headquarter in Arnsberg with a second plant


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