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We are the global market leader for standard components and offer innovative solutions for tool and mouldmaking.

Mouldmaking begins with HASCO. As a manufacturer of standardised, modular quality standard components as well as individually planned hot runner systems, HASCO offers innovative and economical solutions for designers, mouldmakers and injection moulders. The invention and patenting of the modular standard mould system in 1960 by HASCO was a milestone in the history of mouldmaking. The basic idea of standardisation revolutionised mouldmaking internationally and is still the state of the art today as well as one of the decisive factors for success. The system allows maximum flexibility and ensures easy interchangeability of standard components. Consistent and universal use enables efficient processes. Hot runner technology develops tailor-made system solutions that are individually designed and implemented for special customer applications. 700 employees at 35 locations worldwide make it possible to build moulds the easy way. From the idea to production, HASCO customers are supported by numerous user-friendly tools and innovative CAD features.

  • Simplified design through native CAD databases
  • Fastest ordering options in the modern webshop
  • Over 100,000 quality standard components immediately available from stock
  • Highest productivity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness
  • Certified quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001

More than 30,000 customers appreciate this unique competence and reliability as well as the global availability of the extensive product portfolio for mouldmaking. The program, which is perfectly tailored to customer needs, enables sustainable competitiveness. Since its founding in Lüdenscheid/Germany in 1924, HASCO has developed into the leading international supplier and full-service provider for modern mouldmaking and reliably supplies its customers worldwide with everything from a single source.

HASCO – The pioneer of mouldmaking for 100 years.


Standards for mouldmaking




World wide: 700

Germany: 345

South Westphalia: 330



Foundation of the craft enterprise


Development of the wrought-iron workshop for mouldmaking for compression moulding and injection moulding tools


Invention and patenting of the standard parts modular system enables international standardization in mold construction


Development of the most extensive temperature control program – today the standard for efficient temperature control worldwide


Global expansion – Expansion of production and storage capacities ensures rapid delivery to customers


Presentation of the HASCO CAD standard module – A milestone in the history of CAD development


Auditing of the company to DIN EN ISO 9001


Major investment in production extension and modernisation of single-plate production


Streamrunner® – The world’s first additively manufactured hot runner


Speed of logistics – Investing in the future to guarantee maximum speed of delivery


HASCO – The pioneer of mouldmaking for 100 years


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